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Series: The Legend of Korra
Character Age: 17/18

Canon: It’s been sixteen years since the previous Avatar of Avatar: The Last Airbender died after successfully uniting the four nations of the world together. While the world seems to be at peace at the moment, Korra, the new Avatar, has her work cut out for her as conflict rises between benders, those who can manipulate the elements, and overwhelmingly disadvantaged non-benders. Republic City, an industrialized city inhabited by benders and non-benders from all four nations, is the centre of this growing unrest. Tired of being treated as second-class citizens, non-benders have begun a rebellion to overthrow the benders led by a mysterious masked man known as Amon.

Asami is one of the few non-benders who is not only against the rebellion, but also one of Korra’s friends (canonically nicknamed Team Avatar). Although the daughter of a wealthy automobile tycoon, Asami has proven that she is not the spoiled daddy’s little girl others think she is. Both kind and resourceful, Asami not only convinced her father to sponsor Mako, Bolin, and Korra when they had no money for a competition, she also opened her home to Mako and Bolin when they faced the risk of going back on the streets. But don’t confuse her kindness with weakness; despite being the only member of Team Avatar who can’t bend, she more than makes up for it with her self-defense skills and quick thinking. When not helping the Avatar save the world, Asami's main hobby is anything auto-related.

Note: Satomobile is the name of the vehicles built by Future Industries, the company Asami’s father runs.

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