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[OOC] first impressions meme

 Asami just hit 1k! Ask me things!
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1. Are you planning on giving Asami powers this week and why/why not?

2. SotU for Asami after her few weeks in camp

3. Relationship meme for Billy and Ronan!
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First impressions of Thor?
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Thor would find it funny to be thought of as a "real adult"--on the one hand because he's still pretty young for a god, and on the other because he's nonetheless older than practically everyone else. For his part he thinks Asami is bright, capable, and doing spectacularly well for someone new to Camp (and that she seems to like listening to him prattle on doesn't hurt, either). She's handling the transition to Camp life so well that he'd be surprised to learn she actually is away from home for the first time.

All in all, she's definitely a friendly face in his book.
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First impressions of Jennifer, pleeeease!
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Jennifer thinks Asami is hot right back. Like, really hot. But she's not quite sure yet who, exactly, Asami is or... her sexuality, so she won't be making a move yet to spare herself the embarrassment of yet another potential rejection. Mostly, Asami met Jennifer while she was in a REALLY WEIRD period of her life.
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First impressions~
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I'll reverse because I'm awesome.

Jack doesn't know what to think of Asami (granted, all his friends get that from Jack). The thing is Jack expected to be reached out by believers and he's being reached out by people who care but don't believe in him. Which is confusing! Watching people and interacting with them are very different and Jack's mentality of "humans" changed a great deal while he was in camp, often dismissing adults entirely. That being said, he does like Asami! He feels bad fr anyone who feels alone and doesn't know how to move on from there, STORY OF HIS LIFE. By her telling him this, Jack is pretty resolved to help Asami with anything to push the loneliness back.

However, he really really really doesn't want her gratitude in return or her help. Mostly because he doesn't feel she really can when she doesn't believe and because he just doesn't know what to do about people and their help.

Top five icons of Asami!
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That was hard.

Expectations for Legend of Korra!
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I purposefully went into RoTG with zero expectations and knowledge. I had only seen the teaser trailer. So a lot of things surprised me, especially since I also had no knowledge of the books (I vaguely knew them due to my job). What actually happened was a movie with all my pings in it and me crying bitterly on Cindy's shoulder about how I can't app Jack, that's one Chris Pine too many.

And I did anyway.

Hmm... Camp plans?
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First impressions of Vanya?
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I am on the wrong journal, but Asami's first impressions on Yata?
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First impressions?
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