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Asami Sato ([personal profile] automic) wrote2013-02-07 04:04 pm

[OOC] player/contact info

I am [personal profile] quiddative
I play:
☆ Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra)

Contact Methods:
email/gchat → crashinthrulife[at]gmail[dot]com
tumblr → quiddatively
plurk → quiddative
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: EST! But timezones are pretty irrelevant since I have a terrible habit of going to bed late anyway.

Posting/Jumping: Yes, please! I love being jumped!
Thread-Dropping: If I drop a thread it's usually because I feel it has ended at a good point, BUT please, please, please poke me if you want to keep going because I will gladly continue.
Comfort Levels: I'm good with anything but contact me either on gchat, plurk, or irc if you're not sure.
Concrit/OOC issues: I have an HMD post here but if you want to contact me by gchat or plurk or whatever, please feel free to do so!

Goals: We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad have fun and stuff.
Essays and Memes: I feel like being an English major means I'm obligated to ramble a lot whether anyone wants it or not, so yes! I will most likely do these at some point.
Beta-ing: Anytime, anywhere.
AU-ing: I am very okay with this.
Final Comments: I think that's it.