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Asami Sato ([personal profile] automic) wrote2015-02-08 12:25 am

[OOC] activity

✘ stickers (Tiir, Ryner)

✘ robots, demons, and aliens, oh my! (Pascal)

✘ camp's next top princess (Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminum Siren)

✘ intro (Bolin, Vanille, Jessica Drew, Jack Frost, Captain Marvelous, Yosuke, Vanya, Basco, Haseo, Ronan, Thor, Billy, Jake English, Yata, Impulse, Pitch, Leo, Mako, Emily, Hitagi)

✘ bedninja (Hina, Takeru, Billy, Emily, Pitch, Jennifer)

✘ valentine blues (Bolin, Lightning, Mako Yata, Ronan, Vanille)

✘ flowers (Emily, Vanille, Yata, Vanya, Jack Frost)

✘ v-day mingling (Billy, Hina)

✘ laundry day (Billy, Jennifer)

✘ something interesting (Leo)

✘ hearts in the air (Emily, Vanille, Castiel, Santana, Thor)

✘ fog and pie (Jake, Jennifer)

✘ superpower event - firebending (Bolin, Takeru, Mako, Kaoru, Ronan, Vanya, Finn, Pitch, Billy, Tomoki)

✘ superpower event - FOR SCIENCE (Hanna, Wendy, Jade, Hunter)

✘ retro (Kise, Takeru, Jun, Hiro, Emily, Jennifer, Ronan)

✘ world cats day (Billy, Yata)

✘ rainbow slide (Jessica Drew, Harley)

✘ bubbles (Castiel)

✘ weeding (Ronan)

✘ wedding blues (Ben)

✘ true forms (Castiel, Ronan)

✘ favourite movie (Jennifer, Norman, Emily)

✘ truth post (Yata)

✘ kissing booth (Kise)

✘ zombie killing (Inigo, Norman)

✘ hugs (Ryuusei, Billy, Ronan)

✘ puzzles (Castiel, Sam, Annie, Ronan)

✘ mother's day (Jennifer, Tomoki, Norman, Santana, Billy, Ronan)

✘ naked day (Emily, Thor)